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My thoughts on Start-Up drama

Notes: I’ll be updating this post from time to time ;)

Any of you watching this drama? I started watching it last Thursday and totally fell in love with it. Memang dah plan to watch it sebab ada all my favorites = Suzy, Nam Joo-Hyuk, Kim Seong-Ho and Kang Hana.

Drama ni tunjukkan semua orang ada struggle mereka tersendiri, despite apa yang orang nampak atau sangka. Contoh macam watak Won In-Jae.. mesti orang hanya ingat Seo Dal-Mi je yang struggle sebab dia tak kaya macam In-Jae. Padahal she has her own struggle. Dia hanya anak tiri, which makes her tak significant pada ayah tiri dia. Then whatever dia buat, walaupun she gave her best, orang susah nak kredit benda tu, as people will always assume itu semua sebab ayah dia kaya. Dia kena work harder just to prove herself.

And ho ho ho. Let’s talk about how adorable Nam Do-San is! Cute/handsome nerd. Susah nak cari woo. And also, from experience as a developer myself, selalu nya kalau yang handsome ni, terlebih confident ada lah. Takde maknanya nak innocent macam tu hahaha. Tapi anywayyy… how can you resist that cuteness?! *dreamy eyes on Nam Joo-Hyuk*

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My thoughts on Record of Youth drama

I loved it, up until the ending. I guess I understand sometimes, the writers want to make a drama that has a “reality check”.

But the thing is, personally I don’t like that. My reality is tough enough. Drama is a way for me to escape reality. Why are you taking that away from me?

Why do you bother making it so dreamy-like. Then try to put a “reality check” on it? If I’m watching a investigation or melo drama, I can accept that “reality” part. But not this!

I have been religiously watching each episode every week, but didn’t bother to even watch the final episode. I kind of know what would happen, and when I read the recap… and “yep, thought so!” Another drama with disappointing ending. Sigh