It’s Been a While

… since I last blog! Suddenly I’m missing it so damn much! haha.

Now let me pray I will really commit to blog regularly again! To be honest, some extra cash would be more than helpful! haha

#nowplaying: 2AM 전활 받지 않는 너에게 (you don’t answer my call)

Sleepy and Tired

Lately i’ve been more of tired and sleepy~~~ and according to my aunt, it’s something to do with my surroundings~ seems like i’m living a boring life? lol~~ i guess it is? most of the time i’ll just stay home, watching videos, tweeting watching tv… hurmmm… exciting much..? hahahaha

Tuition Songsaengnim

About 2 months ago, I was TOTALLYYY broke so i applied for a part time~ as a tutor at a tuition centre kkkk~ and yayness I got it ^^; The pay isn’t high but oh well, it’s better than nothing right? At least I get to spend on Fangoods with no much worries kkk ~ *sigh* you see, being a fangirl is a serioussss job okie! kkkk =p

It’s Been a While~

it has been a while since i write on this blog~ sorry! ^^; been a little busy with works, n fangirling kkk~ last month was a memorable month cause 2PM finalllyyyyy came to Malaysia! This forgotten land is longer forgetten lulz at my lame sentence XD And the best thing is that I GOT TO HI TOUCH WITH MY OSEMLY CUTE SEXY SMART COOL SUPER HOT IDOL LEE JUNHOOOO OMGGGGG lol~ seriously it was really exciting!!! it’s like i finally get to see him FACE TO FACE omggggg he looks sooooo much cuter and flawless IRL tsk tsk i feel like crying each time i remember it tsktsk lol~~~ i shall continue my childish rants ans story later i’m trying my best to learn doing hard subbing for videos right now kkk~ wish me luck!

Luxury Noraebang at Hongdae

Monthsss before going to Seoul, this is one of the place that I really wanted to go! Hehehe~ Siapa tak suka karoks kan? But of course, there’re other special reasons yang membuatkan I nak pergi ke sini. Siapa tengok Wild Bunny and Dream High tau lah kot, hihi :P Thankfully geng2 sangat sporting untuk joining in sekali! Went with geng noraebang sejati = Soleha, As, Ida & Faiz. Masa ni Aisyah & Imah pun ada joining in sekali :D

Memang kena dengan namanya, the place is really luxurious..! The rate is in fact very reasonable for me – bilik besar, selesa, etc – you’ll see what I mean on the following pictures~! Rate siang dan malam lain, dan mengikut jenis bilik jugak. And unlike kat Red Box, the charge is per room, not per person, which I think is very fair! Sebab kadang2 tak semua nyanyi sama rata kan? Some even tak nyanyi pun, just seronok joining in sekali je ;D

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