First Visit to Tous les Jours

After seeing many of my friends went to this place, I wonder what is the fuss is all about. And since I’m a bread and coffee lover (or should I say cozy-kind-of-cafe lover), I really feel like going too (pengaruh rakan se-sns?)

And after reading some blogs (wanting to know where is the nearest outlet I can find), then I got to know this cafe is origionally from South Korea. Then it hits me “Ohhhhh no wonderrrr” lol

So far I know there are 2 outlets in KL – Bangsar and Bukit Bintang :)

Managed to go there with my friend today~

Had TJ breakfast meal for my dinner, lol

Together with my all-time-fav drink ~> Iced Cafe Latte!

This cafe certainly brought back the cozy n nice feeling like when I was in cafes in Korea~ if only an outlet is available somewhere nearer my place, I’m sure you can see me hang out there quite often!!

This Isn’t Goodbye. I Hope.

Yesterday was my final Korean language class… after almost 3 years of attending it, if I am not wrong, since November 2010! Our beloved Ms Kim won’t be staying in Malaysia anymore (due to some inevitable reasons), and I guess the language centre couldn’t find any better teacher that can teach well for higher level of Korean language class.. that we have come to this :(

I am surely going to miss her, my classmates and all the lessons I attended almost every week! Ms Kim is one of the best language teacher I have ever met in my entire life! Seriously. She is so kind, cute and a very sweet person too~ I am so going to miss her teasings, her stories and many of her motivational advises :’)

Learning by yourself and having a native speaking teacher to teach you the language is a wayyy different feelings you know (yes, cause I tried!). It’s better and personally I think it’s important for you to understand the culture too while learning a foreign language. Saw when I highlighted the “feeling” word in previous sentence…? That’s also another reason why depending too much on Google Translator sucks big time. Cause some sentences, can only be expressed and translated if you know the feeling and reasons behind, of why it is being said (hopefully my sentences made a little sense!)

….And I can’t help wondering now, of how and where I can implement and keep practising all the things I have learned :/ It sure will get way rustier than it is now, if I don’t get to use and practise it more!

My Home-made Ddeokbokki

I tried making one about 2 weeks ago, it wasn’t so bad actually. Except that I didn’t have much additional ingredients other than the rice cakes, fish cakes and spring onions :p

So today, I added even moreeee things inside my ddeokbokki ^0^

I read and saw several recipes of this menu, and they varies. I’d say just cook the way you want it. And here are the ingredients I used to cook this time. Hihi.

– 2 tblsp chili paste (gochujang)
– 1 tblsp sugar
– 1 tblsp chili powder
– 11 x rice cakes (or as little or as much as you want haha)
– 2 x fish cakes
– 5 x fish balls
– 1 x tofu
– 1 x hard boiled egg
– spring onions
– cabbage, kai choy (or carrot, or any veggies you like~)


December Babies

Yesterday, as usual, we had the company’s montly birthday celebration. But it was my 1st time joining it, as I had a training’s exam while they were doing the November’s celebration, and I did saw that last month’s cakes were crepes cakes ;___; ~~ this month’s cakes are just from Secret Recipes~~ (dah free, x bersyukur pulak lol)

The Hobbits

After a very long wait… Yeyyy finally I got to watch it, with my p.i.c Soleha :D  Though the movie takes about 3 hours, it doesn’t feel that long~ maybe cause we really love this kind of movie genre. LOTR trilogy is our food man, loljk.

It’s very interesting for me to learn about the dwarves.. and now I know the main reason why they hate elves so damn much haha.

What I can’t help to keep wondering is, why we didn’t have Kili as the representative from dwarf in the fellowship? Having him in addition of our super handsome Legolas would’ve been much more interesting! (Not that I have anything against Gimli lol) :p