My thoughts on Record of Youth drama

I loved it, up until the ending. I guess I understand sometimes, the writers want to make a drama that has a “reality check”.

But the thing is, personally I don’t like that. My reality is tough enough. Drama is a way for me to escape reality. Why are you taking that away from me?

Why do you bother making it so dreamy-like. Then try to put a “reality check” on it? If I’m watching a investigation or melo drama, I can accept that “reality” part. But not this!

I have been religiously watching each episode every week, but didn’t bother to even watch the final episode. I kind of know what would happen, and when I read the recap… and “yep, thought so!” Another drama with disappointing ending. Sigh

Selawat Fatih (Pembuka)


Apakah tujuan membaca selawat ke atas Nabi Muhammad SAW:-

  • Beribadah, kerana memenuhi perintah Allah SWT seperti yang di sebut dalam kitab suci al-Quran, Allah SWT berfirman yang maksudnya.

    “Sesungguhnya Allah dan para malaikat-Nya selawat kepada Nabi. Hai orang-orang yang beriman bersolawatlah kamu kepadanya dan ucaplah salam penghormatan kepadanya” (Surah al-Ahzab, ayat 56)

  • Memuliakan Nabi Muhamad SAW dengan mengakui kerasulannya dan mengikuti ajaran yang dibawanya serta memohon kepada Allah SWT untuk memberi rahmat, penghormatan, kemuliaan kepada Baginda, dan kedudukan yang tinggi atas ahlinya dan sahabatnya.
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Virtual Team Lunch

We’re supposed to use up the budget for the team this quarter. But since we’re all stuck at home, we’ve decided to do a ‘virtual team lunch’ – everyone order their own lunch, do a conference call while eating together, and later claim max of certain amount from our manager.

This is actually my first time eating take out food since MCO was enforced. All of this time, I just cook and eat whatever I have in the kitchen :P So, since it’s claimable, I ordered myself a stuffed crust regular super supreme pizza. Yummy yummy.

Got me thinking, randomly, maybe should just make this as our daily routine and do live – like 먹방 ‘meokbang’ that many people are doing in Korea hahaha.

p/s: If anyone doesn’t know, ‘meokbang’ is a short form of 먹는 방송 ‘meokneun bangsong’ which means ‘eating broadcast’.

What working from home looks like

Well… sometimes, lol. Working from home is kind of difficult for me to stay focus. Once in a while kena work from home bila we need to run errands or settle something nearby our home tu still OK lah. But bila kena do everyday.. merana jugak lah sikit, haha.

But good thing about my line of industry, as a software engineer is that – working from home ni is something normal and we are already used to it. Kalau ada problem for our company pun, just the load yang they need to handle for remote connections. And about a week before the CMO, our company already had a ‘global work from home’ day, to test the load and find difficulties bila everyone is working remotely.

p/s: Menyampah betol lah my neighbors ni. Bising. Tak habis2 lah menarik kerusi tu kuat2. Tau kan kat bawah ada neighbor, be thoughtful lah sikit!!