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Carian Bloglist Secret Whisper 2022

Saya sedang mencari blog2 untuk saya link di blog saya ni, dan juga untuk saya visit selalu ♥ Agak2, ada yang berminat ke ye? Hanya perlu buat berikut:

  1. Link kan blog saya di blog anda.
  2. Tinggalkan ‘Nama blog‘ dan ‘Link blog‘ anda di ruangan komen.
    Jangan lupa beritahu saya dimana anda link kan blog saya ya.
  3. Buat post bertajuk ‘Carian Bloglist Secret Whisper 2022‘ dengan banner di atas, dan link kan ke entry ni (optional)

Pencarian telah berakhir. Jutaan terima kasih kepada semua rakan bloglist!^^


Hellow~ it’s been quite a while since I last blog! I am still alive hihi. Many things happened within the hiatus period, but all are well!

There is a point that I somehow totally forgotten about this blog and after a while it hit me, “Oh, I own a blog lah!” lol. I’ll be sure to blog again asap!

Gathering Back My Thoughts. And Stuff.

When I was a teenager, I used to enjoy reading and writing. Though they are mostly craps (and stuff, lol)… but if only I had keep and gathered them carefully, it would’ve been so very interesting to read back all those information, memories and thoughts back, again… :)

So, now, I plan to re-start again. Hopefully this blog will stay in tact for as long as I live (woah) ^^

It’s Been a While

… since I last blog! Suddenly I’m missing it so damn much! haha.

Now let me pray I will really commit to blog regularly again! To be honest, some extra cash would be more than helpful! haha

#nowplaying: 2AM 전활 받지 않는 너에게 (you don’t answer my call)