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Faraa Lip Butter

Hi girls, saya nak introduce lip butter yang awesome ni.. 4 in 1. Boleh digunakan sebagai primer, lip balm, treatment & even lipstick harian. Memang berbaloi kan?

Faraa Antioxidant Lip Butter ni boleh bantu;
👄 Hilangkan bibir hitam,
👄 Rawat bibir yg kering & menggelupas,
👄 Lembapkan bibir & menghasilkan warna natural.

Tak perlu risau tentang chemical content, sebab lip butter ni made from natural ingredients

Caramel Mint & Orchid Vanilla ready stock 💕 setiap 1 berharga RM55 + 1 FREE gift 🎁 Anyone nak pre-order Cherry Velvet siap2 pun boleh 🍒

So, sesiapa berminat yg berada sekitar area Wangsa Maju & Sri Rampai, saya boleh FREE COD anytime during weekends insyaAllah ☺️ Nak FREE postage? Beli through Shopee shop saya untuk dapatkan free postage!

Apa2 boleh contact atau klik link di profile IG shop saya @meteora.kiss utk terus whatsapp saya tanpa perlu save number saya ye ^^

Sephia all-in-one Argan Oil

Hi guys, if you are looking for a good argan oil product, which you can use from head to toe, look no further, Sephia is definitely your solution! For RM39.90 only, it’s filled with benefits, and it can help with your skin and hair problems too :)

I personally love it that I have decided to share the benefits by selling it :) It comes very handy especially when you are travelling, as you only need to carry this 1 bottle, which can be used as moisturizer, hand cream, hair oil, make up base and even as make up remover!

I have made a special page on this product too at my shop section. You can also visit my Sephia insta account @sephia.ampangpark for more information on the product and how you may contact me ;)