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Pencarian Kelas Bahasa Korea

Dalam sepuluh tahun lepas, I ada amik kelas bahasa korea. Zaman tu sejenis ada kelas fizikal aje. Sekarang ni, sejak lama gila tak praktik, banyak gila dah lupa weh. Adoi…

The other day, my therapist tanya – apa interest I? Hmmm… serious struggle fikir. I memang takdak hobi dan minat. Kawan-kawan suka hiking lah, buat aktiviti outdoor lah, apalah, but not me, hahaha. But ada lah interest belajar bahasa korea, since my dream nak jumpa and bercakap secara fluent dengan Junho masih ada lagi, hahaha. My last 2 times jumpa dia adalah sangat menghampakan. Sebab tak fasih, benda yang dihafal semua terlupa dah masa tu – tergamam, terkedu, tergagap-gagap bila face to face.

So my therapist gave me “homework” untuk research kelas-kelas bahasa korea (berpatutan) yang ada, so I boleh try untuk sambung balik belajar bahasa korea. Mak aih lah mahal nye kelas nowadays. Hmm… still mempertibang lagi center mana nak pilih.

Hwaiting Najwa!!

Time Flies

Man… it’s already the last day of the second last month of the year. And to be honest, I think I achieved NOTHING this year. Been wasting it like nobody’s business urgh. And ohhh… I’ve been wanting to share my weird + fun experience I had for the KBEE event I went early this month, but my slow laptop has been stopping me to do so. It will take foreverrrr to load so I always don’t feel like being online through my laptop when I’m at home. Updating through phone is not that convenient. So.. there goes the delay! \o/ I will try to do it soon before I forget everything though ^^;

p/s: Hmm.. why do I always feel it’s been ages or forever ago when it comes to my encounter with Junho? sobs…

Oh Ice Cream

To be honest, memang agak buat tabiat saya beli casing pesen gini. Memang tak pernah-pernah lah beli casing yang se-“ceria” dan keanak-anakan macam ni, haha.

Casing “ice cream” ni pun sebenarnya dibeli dengan motif – nak ikut tema solo Junho di Japan tahun ni, which is “ice cream”.

Tahun ni memang lain sikit konsep solo dia compared to tahun-tahun yang sudah. Personally, I lebih prefer concept solo dia yang cool and dark, compared to all these cutesy comel-ish concept. Hmm.. nak buat macam mana kan.. layannn..

Getting Old…?

How do you know that you are on the track of getting “old”? Well, perhaps when…

  • You need to sleep more, until afternoon, after a night out.
  • Almost all of your friends are getting married.
  • You spend less and less time talking on phone with your friends daily.
  • You meet your friends from time to time, talking about the good old days, repeating again and again all funny stories you experienced together.
  • You appreciate and listen more of the songs from your teenage years.

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Worse Than Cramps

Guess what’s worse than having cramps during marathon?

Oh yes, the need to hold your urge to cherry-berry in your pants 🙄


Marking this date as hari pertama mula tumbuh uban! D:

P/S: Semalam dan pagi tadi macam tak ada. Tiba2 malam ni bila basuh muka……. *gasp*

It’s Been a While~

it has been a while since i write on this blog~ sorry! ^^; been a little busy with works, n fangirling kkk~ last month was a memorable month cause 2PM finalllyyyyy came to Malaysia! This forgotten land is longer forgetten lulz at my lame sentence XD And the best thing is that I GOT TO HI TOUCH WITH MY OSEMLY CUTE SEXY SMART COOL SUPER HOT IDOL LEE JUNHOOOO OMGGGGG lol~ seriously it was really exciting!!! it’s like i finally get to see him FACE TO FACE omggggg he looks sooooo much cuter and flawless IRL tsk tsk i feel like crying each time i remember it tsktsk lol~~~ i shall continue my childish rants ans story later i’m trying my best to learn doing hard subbing for videos right now kkk~ wish me luck!