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What is grief, if not love persevering

Was watching a scene in WandaVision episode 8, when Wanda was expressing her sadness losing her twin brother…

Wanda: It’s just like this wave washing over me again and again. It knocks me down and when I try to stand up, it just comes for me again. And I can’t… It’s gonna drown me.

Vision: No. No, Wanda.

Wanda: How do you know?

Vision: Because it can’t be all sorrow, can it? I’ve always been alone so I don’t feel the lack. It’s all I’ve ever known. I’ve never experienced loss because I’ve never had a loved one to lose. What is grief, if not love persevering?

The last line by Vision really got me – “What is grief, if not love persevering?“. People always see “grieving” as something “negative” they need to move away from. When, as the line said, it’s just an act for trying to hold on to the love as much as we can. Al-fatihah buat arwah atok dan wan ♥

Just be the awesome you

Today I start tengok drama “Start-Up” staring Bae Suzy (as Seo Dal-Mi), Nam Joo-Hyuk (as Nam Do-San) and Kim Seon-Ho (as Han Ji-Pyeong). And banyak scene in the drama where Ji-Pyeong bagi harsh comments towards Do-San. Yes, memang nampak banyak incompetency Do-San ni especially in soft skills… thus ada satu scene tunjuk quote ni.

And of course I can relate. My career hasn’t been that smooth sailing too. I’m incompetent and lacking in many things, especially in soft skill. Unfortunately this is benda paling mudah nak hentikan you from being promoted or advance in your career. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how hard you work… *sigh*

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Everything Happens For a Reason

Cheeeesy. Although I have always believe this, but I have to admit that at times, it’s quite hard for me not to feel upset and down whenever bad things happen. After all, saya hanyalah manusia biasa (typical answer :P)

Every experience in our life, was designed to shape us into the ultimate and greater version of ourselves. But we don’t always have that wisdom and enough patience to see this sooner. We mostly focus on the pain and disappointment instead.

“What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger.

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Faith, Hope, Time

“If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it.”

If anything that happened breaks your heart, causes you to experience disappointment or loss, we need only three things: faith, hope and time.

“When I cry or lose or bruise, so long as I am still alive, nothing is ultimate. So long as there is still a tomorrow, a next moment, there is hope, there is change, there is redemption. What is lost, is not lost forever.” – Yasmin Mogahed

The Art of Being Underestimated

It seems that everywhere we go, there are these ‘sets of people’ – those who like to look down and contemned on others. Always try to make people feel so small, and worse, make them believe they are small and less worthy.

This event of adversity can either result ones to; 1) believe that and quit, or 2) work harder. It is nothing but normal that we mostly just feel like giving up. Especially when it’s related to our progress in career or anything professionally. At certain limit, we feel like it’s far too heavy for us to carry the weight and bring us down.

“One of the best opportunities you can be given in life is to be underestimated.”

It also depends on how we overcome these problems. How we should learn not to take those negative opinions as a life sentence to mediocrity, but rather use this to fuel our motivation to excel.

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Imagination, Ideas & Reality

Here are some wonderful quotes I found at my company’s Intranet. I think they are really inspiring. Just thought to share them :luv:

“Imagination is more important than knowledge, since knowledge is merely limited.. while imagination embraces the entire world.” – by Albert Einstein.

Without imagination, there won’t be much of technologies today. It all started as some imaginations and the urge to have something different.

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