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Mental Health talk at workplace

Was watching this earlier, and suddenly mengalir air mata. Really hit me hard. Sangat agree bila dia kata, we usually don’t approach things sooner. Dan bila kita sedar, it’s already too late, bila kita dah tak boleh cope lagi.

Manager and colleagues pun patut main peranan penting, have more empathy and be more caring. Kerja memang sentiasa banyak. Bila down, memang semua jadi extra harder. Allah je tau. Tapi bila kita rasa happier, benda tu senang nak dilalui. So, patutnya among colleagues, jaga dan tanya lah well being masing2. Tak semua ada keluarga dan sahabat terdekat untuk berpaut.

I pray no one would go through what I did. Moga kalian semua dilindungi dan dipermudah urusan. Amin…

Job Burnout

I’ve been having almost all the signs. I’m glad I have tendered my resignation. I don’t think I have any more motivation – other than my love for programming, to stay at my current workplace. Moga Allah permudah urusan ku di tempat kerja baru nanti. Amin…

Virtual Team Lunch

We’re supposed to use up the budget for the team this quarter. But since we’re all stuck at home, we’ve decided to do a ‘virtual team lunch’ – everyone order their own lunch, do a conference call while eating together, and later claim max of certain amount from our manager.

This is actually my first time eating take out food since MCO was enforced. All of this time, I just cook and eat whatever I have in the kitchen :P So, since it’s claimable, I ordered myself a stuffed crust regular super supreme pizza. Yummy yummy.

Got me thinking, randomly, maybe should just make this as our daily routine and do live – like 먹방 ‘meokbang’ that many people are doing in Korea hahaha.

p/s: If anyone doesn’t know, ‘meokbang’ is a short form of 먹는 방송 ‘meokneun bangsong’ which means ‘eating broadcast’.

What working from home looks like

Well… sometimes, lol. Working from home is kind of difficult for me to stay focus. Once in a while kena work from home bila we need to run errands or settle something nearby our home tu still OK lah. But bila kena do everyday.. merana jugak lah sikit, haha.

But good thing about my line of industry, as a software engineer is that – working from home ni is something normal and we are already used to it. Kalau ada problem for our company pun, just the load yang they need to handle for remote connections. And about a week before the CMO, our company already had a ‘global work from home’ day, to test the load and find difficulties bila everyone is working remotely.

p/s: Menyampah betol lah my neighbors ni. Bising. Tak habis2 lah menarik kerusi tu kuat2. Tau kan kat bawah ada neighbor, be thoughtful lah sikit!!

New Year, New Beginning

More on career side actually. Cause on personal side, I can just go “mehhh”. Anyway the thing was, I found myself being more and more demotivated working for the past few months, especially starting on the 2nd half of the year. And it got even worse on the 4th quarter last year.

I think one of the reason was, the things I’ve been working have gotten more and more boring. Maybe I got too accustomed at them? Maybe there were too much functionalities rather than technicalities that made me spewed on many occasions? lol.

Realising I don’t wanna die to soon caused by this kind of frustration, I talked to my manager, asking if there was any opportunity for me to work on something different… technically. Cut the story short, after few weeks of waiting, there was finally an opportunity!

Effective 2nd January, I got to be transfered to a new team that works on something really different than most of the teams in that company… different than what I was working on for the past 6 years there… which is like a blessing from up above… yehuuu.

So it’s been almost a week since I started working in the new team, and I’m totally loving it! I have to learn lots and lots and lots and lots of new things to learn but I couldn’t be happierrr! I’m always looking forward to come to work nowadays, cause all these new challenges totally excite me :)

I hope things will go smoothly for me this year. Since it has been a total bleurgh and mehhh on my personal side, I hope my career side can bloom, even for a little, to compensate that. InsyaAllah. Pray for me too please ^^;

Huat Ah!

Thanks to my sweet team members for the orange, ang-pow and banana soft cake! (really looks like Tokyo banana right?). As for the ang-pow, I usually don’t use it. I don’t know why, I have this habit of saving these money packets for the “baraqah”, or like my colleague said “Oh, for huat ah!” hahaha…

p/s: The company is also giving out ang-pow for the staff tomorrow~ heuheu~

December Babies

Yesterday, as usual, we had the company’s montly birthday celebration. But it was my 1st time joining it, as I had a training’s exam while they were doing the November’s celebration, and I did saw that last month’s cakes were crepes cakes ;___; ~~ this month’s cakes are just from Secret Recipes~~ (dah free, x bersyukur pulak lol)