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New Aladdin movie

I looooove the new movie #Aladdin so much! Went to watch it earlier this afternoon, redeeming my free tix from TGV movie club’s birthday reward :D

I kind of surprised myself that I was able to sing along to most of the songs. Then I remembered I used to love the OST so much when I was little!

I prefer this movie’s version of Princess Jasmine more? She’s a much more strong, has a better purpose and an ambitious lady, which is like… hell yeah! You go gurl!

We can see Disney has been gradually “evolving” their princesses and female characters, which is truly a remarkable thing! And anywayyy… No one can play the Genie’s character better than Will Smith of course yo! Just sayinnn :D

The image on the left is the emote that will appear when you tweet the #Aladdin hashtag on twitter. So cutttteeee!

I’m currently listening to the new OST on Spotify. Here’s the link to it. Enjoy!!

The Hobbits

After a very long wait… Yeyyy finally I got to watch it, with my p.i.c Soleha :D  Though the movie takes about 3 hours, it doesn’t feel that long~ maybe cause we really love this kind of movie genre. LOTR trilogy is our food man, loljk.

It’s very interesting for me to learn about the dwarves.. and now I know the main reason why they hate elves so damn much haha.

What I can’t help to keep wondering is, why we didn’t have Kili as the representative from dwarf in the fellowship? Having him in addition of our super handsome Legolas would’ve been much more interesting! (Not that I have anything against Gimli lol) :p

Twilight Saga: Eclipse. Have You Watched It?

Have you watched it already?? I have! Watched it last Wednesday! Yeay! I must say, I really really want to watch it again! :P If you’re a fan of twilight, for sure you’re gonna loooove this movie! :)

Of course, the film isn’t portrayed EXACTLY like in the book. But the director did it well. And he also tries to inject more element of action, more than the last 2 movies. You’ll get to watch a great fight between the vampires :pirate:

Just when you thought the werewolves and the vampires are the worst enemy and are always ready to find excuses to kill each other no matter what, think twice. Bella might be the reason behind this ‘war’ in this saga, but she is also the reason the pack and the Cullens can cooperate and work together in a way you can’t imagine. If you have already read the book, you’ll know their relationship will get much better :wink:

What I like about Jacob is his naturalness as a human. He’s a good boy. But yet, he has that dark side of him of which he’s not trying to hide. He never pretends to appear or act nice just untuk impress Bella or anyone. He’s just being himself. Maybe his imperfectness quality that made me melt right away … (other than the fact that he’s obviously really HOT, lol) :crush:

He’s also a good friend. He doesn’t being all bossy or being toooooo much protective like a dad. He’s honest and shares everything as a friend. I think his character appeals more to me than Edward’s. And I’m team JACOB all the waaaay! :love: