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My covid vaccination updates

Alhamdulillah I finally received an appointment after months of waiting. By the time I posted this, the daily case for Malaysia already hit 13k cases! Scary!

17 Jul 12:00 AM: Esoknya nak vaccine, sekali malam sebelumnya period lah pulak. Sobs. Risau lah nanti berlipat kali ganda sakitnya – period pain lagi, vaccine effect lagi. Ya Allah, moga dipermudahkan urusan ku.

17 Jul 05:30 PM: Reached MITEC PPV. Alhamdulillah tak sesak. Ada baca kata nak masuk sini sesak, but so far OK. Kereta kat parking banyak, walaupun slow sikit tapi bergerak. Parking pun senang dan banyak space Alhamdulillah. Cuma bila tengok dekat entrance ramainya manusia. Nervous kejap – 1 sebab sekarang ni kan pandemik dengan recently ada outbreak dekat PPV Shah Alam, then 2 sebab lama sangat duduk rumah and lama tak tengok manusia ramai-ramai, hahahahah.

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Which Disney Princess and Marvel Character I’m a combination of?

Took the test here, and got that result. Well, if you ask me which is my most favourite Disney princess, I will say Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I like her cause she’s different, smart, caring, loving and she’s basically a common people, like not being born a princess. She’s been my favorite Disney character since I was little ^^

But oh well, Mulan would do it too I guess if you are talking about being hardworking. As I am not a very super genius person (unlike Tony haha), being hardworking is one of my way to achieve my goals :)

Now speaking of my most favorite Marvel character, most specifically favorite Avenger, yesss Tony Stark a.k.a Iron Man is the one! He’s smart, sarcastic, confident, go-getter…. and rich ass! lol. Like he really deserves to be an ass and annoying having all those traits, haha. And also, somehow, these characteristics very much remind me of my Junho, hehe.

But being genius isn’t his trait that I posses. But I do think I can be quite sarcastic at times too :P Being creative? Hmm.. maybe not too much. I only get creative doing things in stupid ways as I’m a lazy person. So I will always try to find a shortcut to get things done, lol.

Run Again, Najwa


It’s been a tough year filled with shame and non-achivement. But I feel so lucky that this one awesome person gave me some wise and motivational advises, on work wise at least. I shall never forget the kindness :) Hopefully I can start crawling, standing, walking and running back again. Sometimes that one simple kindness can really change other people’s life.

I Need to Change

  • Be brave. Stand out. Be vocal. Speak up and be proud to showcase what I am doing or have done.
  • Ask question during grooming. Ask to share concern so I can learn too.
  • Ask question during monthly meeting. Don’t be passive.
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Sad Raya

Sadly, this is my “raya meal” this year. Since wan dah tak ada, I’m alone for this raya. So, I don’t consider myself “celebrating” raya at all. Today is just another Sunday for me. 

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