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My Thoughts on The Red Sleeve Drama

The main reason for me to watch this drama, is of course because Lee Junho stars in it. Heheheh. If you don’t know, I am a big fan of him since 2010. I don’t consider myself as k-pop fan, cause I actually only like 2PM and Lee Junho mostly. Yang lain2 tu minat gitu2 aje lah. Layannnnn… but kalau 2PM dengan Junho ni, I am surely very invested. Boleh jadi gigih travel ke negara lain untuk tengok their concerts etc.

So of course, I will be very biased dengan drama ni. But after few episodes, rating drama di Korea makin meningkat dan dapat banyak komen positif dan sambutan penonton memang makin baik. Drama ni berada dalam top weekly drama di Korea selama lebih 2 bulan!

Honestly, I’m never really a fan of historical and melo drama. Personally I like and prefer rom-com and feel-good drama. And from what we know, this drama is a based from a same-titled novel. It’s a fiction based on true historical figure and life. A love story of King Jeongjo and a court maid, who was the only woman he ever loved his whole life. King Jeongjo was known to led the new renaissance of the Joseon Dynasty.

To be continued…

My thoughts on Start-Up drama

Notes: I’ll be updating this post from time to time ;)

Any of you watching this drama? I started watching it last Thursday and totally fell in love with it. Memang dah plan to watch it sebab ada all my favorites = Suzy, Nam Joo-Hyuk, Kim Seong-Ho and Kang Hana.

Drama ni tunjukkan semua orang ada struggle mereka tersendiri, despite apa yang orang nampak atau sangka. Contoh macam watak Won In-Jae.. mesti orang hanya ingat Seo Dal-Mi je yang struggle sebab dia tak kaya macam In-Jae. Padahal she has her own struggle. Dia hanya anak tiri, which makes her tak significant pada ayah tiri dia. Then whatever dia buat, walaupun she gave her best, orang susah nak kredit benda tu, as people will always assume itu semua sebab ayah dia kaya. Dia kena work harder just to prove herself.

And ho ho ho. Let’s talk about how adorable Nam Do-San is! Cute/handsome nerd. Susah nak cari woo. And also, from experience as a developer myself, selalu nya kalau yang handsome ni, terlebih confident ada lah. Takde maknanya nak innocent macam tu hahaha. Tapi anywayyy… how can you resist that cuteness?! *dreamy eyes on Nam Joo-Hyuk*

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My thoughts on Record of Youth drama

I loved it, up until the ending. I guess I understand sometimes, the writers want to make a drama that has a “reality check”.

But the thing is, personally I don’t like that. My reality is tough enough. Drama is a way for me to escape reality. Why are you taking that away from me?

Why do you bother making it so dreamy-like. Then try to put a “reality check” on it? If I’m watching a investigation or melo drama, I can accept that “reality” part. But not this!

I have been religiously watching each episode every week, but didn’t bother to even watch the final episode. I kind of know what would happen, and when I read the recap… and “yep, thought so!” Another drama with disappointing ending. Sigh

K-Dramas I’m Currently Watching

Wok of Love: This is of course a must, since my boyfriend, Junho stars as the main lead hehe. To be honest, if not because of Junho, I might not continue watching this drama, as the direction, editing and storyline are all over the place. The way it’s being brought to the screen is not so interesting, making it quite boring for me.

Such a waste for Junho to be starring in such a drama, I pity him. But oh well, at least I can see he is having lots of fun with the casts ^^ I just want my boy to be happy hihi.

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim: OK, I must say this drama is brilliant! Though it’s a cliche chaebol and ordinary-girl love + 2 ‘enemies’ fighting over a girl story, they make it in a fun way. And since it’s a story we know won’t happen in real life, I like how they brought it to us being all ridiculous and sometimes exaggerated. All the cute and comical sound effects that follow their actions are somehow entertaining for me, haha.

Park Seo Joon character as the narcissistic Lee Young Joon is super cute too, of course, lol. I very much enjoy each time he admire himself to the extend that you feel like puking or at least palming your face, haha. His super confident is just too entertaining. Park Min Young is also so super cuteee. I enjoy this drama so much, and must say, I prefer it way more than Wok of Love (sorry Junho :P)

My Thoughts on Wok of Love (up until ep. 14)

We get it that all those anger and screaming might come from the frustration – betrayal of his ex-wife, close colleagues who he thought were his close friends. But for how long? Does the writer want a hate club for Poong or something? So i don’t understand why they still wanna keep that jerk character on Poong.

Actually Poong is so pitiful & lonely. He doesn’t have anyone to talk or share his feeling. I think being in that situation doesn’t help him to be less confused either :(

To be honest, i don’t know where this drama story line is going. Like on episode 14, suddenly another kkangpae (gangster) taking the whole 15 to 20 minutes of air time.

I personally think they should have developed his friendship with the minions first at least? Where that will teach him there are nice people despite how they look like. I was expecting he would already be teaching and cooking together with them by now.

Andddd he said he wanted revenge. But what’s his plan? So far he just waits inside the restaurant for customers. I see no marketing, no advertisement. Seriously? I hope the writer-nim and PD-nim will do better in coming episodes. PLEASE.

My Thoughts on Just Between Lovers

This post will be updated from time to time whenever I have something on my mind regarding this drama &love;

  • I really love the female lead character. She is strong, knows what she wants. Like when people tell her to like someone else cause that person is better for her, she strongly opposed, “Who are you to tell me what I should do. If I want to do something, I will do it because I want”. Usually we see in dramas, it’s quite cliche that the female lead will become somehow “dumb” and “weak” when it comes to their love, although at first they show her as a strong and happy-go-lucky character. But not Moon Soo. I love her character!
  • The acting, cinematography, direction, story and even the soundtrack is excellent!

Anticipating for 그냥 사랑하는 사이 Drama

This drama is first drama that my Junho will be the male lead <3 I am so excited, and it’s only 1 week away until the first broadcast, which is on 11th December 2017 at 11pm! This drama will the first drama that fills Monday and Tuesday slot :)

Junho has gained a lot of attention since his role as Seo Yool in KBS drama ‘Chief Kim’ early this year. Like FINALLY people starts to recognize him and his talent! I also see lots of comments that he’s so good looking these days. Well people, I hate to break it to you, but he’s been THAT good looking for ages. Many are only realizing it only recently :P

Please look forward for this drama~! ^^ Here’s for more informartion;
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Dramas I’m Currently Watching

I memang jenis suka drama yang simple, cute, sweet and kelakar. Kalau jenis heavy2, memang idok le jawabnye. And to be honest, most of the time, I akan tengok kalau hero atau heroin dia adalah favorite I ehehe. So currently I tengok these 2 dramas;

Fight for My Way

Sebab pertama tengok cerita ni = Park Seo Joon, hehe. Sebab kedua, bila tengok trailer drama ni, memang nampak kelakar. Personally, I rasa cerita ni sometimes ada rasa slow and boring sikit. Tapi lately punya episod lepas Dong-Man and Ae-Ra dah couple, dia start jadi interesting semula haha. I paling suka sebab they both are best friends since kecil – in which they are already very comfortable with each other. Seeing how the friendship tu boleh bloom memang sweet, and transition dari selamba ke malu-malu pulak memang kelakar, haha.

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K-Dramas I’m Currently Watching

Descendants of the SunNumber one, on top of my list would be “Descendants of the Sun“. Main reason I’m watching this drama = Song Joong-Ki :P I am a bit worried after seeing the synopsis and trailers because I am usually not into serious type of drama. But since Joong-Ki is in it, I thought that I’ll give it a go. And after watching the episodes until now, it’s not fully serious after all. The story line and plot is different and interesting. The character Yu Si-Jin suits Joong-Ki perfectly = charming, playful, super awesome, lol ok I’d better stop now haha. And oh, 2 thumbs up also for the OST line-ups of this drama!

My Secret HotelThe next drama I am currently watching is “My Secret Hotel“. I actually came to watch this drama by accident while flipping through channels, and came across channel M, and saw Yoo In-Na on it. I like watching Yoo In-Na since “Queen In-Hyun’s Man” drama :) And it was a perfect timing to start watching this drama at that time = episode 1, just around 1 minute after the drama starts, lol. The plot and story is nice, so why not ;)

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