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Ohhh, I Am That Type of Shopper

Yesterday I restrained myself from going to mall to avoid any dangerous act of wasting money a.k.a shopping. I was so proud of myself cause I have succeeded and went straight home. But sadly, I have failed miserably today. Today I went to watch Batman vs Superman movie with my office’s “movie gang” at Times Square. After the movie, on my way to the car park, I passed by “The Face Shop” store and saw the aloe vera gel stack, and thought – “Ohhh yea, I’ve been wanting to buy ONE”. So I picked that item and on my way to the counter which is only a few steps away, I saw a lip tint, and thought – “Ohhh the price is just nice so I should just grab one”. Then, a few of the Ohhh’s happened and I ended up buying 4 items instead -_-;

This has happened a few times already this year. Which is starting to worry me. I must admit, at times (or many many times), I shouldn’t think too much. This is like a self-reward, right? But if it is, why am I feeling guilty?? Then I tried to google a bit, and found some articles about the type of shoppers;

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Another Boring Weekend

Actually, that’s all I wanted to say. Anything beyond the title doesn’t make much sense, lol. It was a rather another boring weekend for me, and also a bit gloomy too. This evening I made the move to talk to a family member about many things that have been bothering me, so I feel a little bit better now. I feel blessed the person really listened and even offered some help.

I have also finished my very-mini sewing project. It’s nothing special, just a small holder for cards in my pouch. I have problem finding the ‘perfect’ purse for my belongings. What I store are mostly cards *coughgirlscough*, and it can get way too bulky if I choose the wrong purse. So my current solution is – just buy the simple black pouch from H&M, and then make a simple 2-compartments holder for my cards to be placed in the pouch. I use stretchable type of cloth so it will be easier for me to go through my cards :)

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Summary of the Day

Today, marks 13 tahun pemergian arwah atok yg ku sayangi 😭

1. Went to office to get my spare iphone cable (one for home already spoilt x_x r.i.p), then tried to bring wan to passion road for lunch but seems there’s an event today :( so we headed to jusco setiawangsa to buy some groceries… but for the 1st time in my life, I lost the parking ticket!! (Why do i lose so many things this month?????), penalty rm20 for it tsk! And after that pergi beli roti canai kat medan selera. Pastuuuuu otw balik singgah mcd kerana super kelaparan. Ohhh ye sebelum balik singgah nak beli tanah baja tapi no stock pulak tsk tsk. Then we r home!

2. Mak uda datang!!! Dengan uncle ramli, kak rina and aida..! Dpt baju utk wedding tu 😊 then also dpt subang baru! And it’s the shape of star!! Which issss my favorite shape!!!

3. Reading back the book yang tak habis2 lagi baca – “the gift of adversity” by norman e. rosenthal, m.d.

4. Do cardio + a lil bit of pilates :D

* rindu nak jadi couch potato!!!