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Faraa Lip Butter

Hi girls, saya nak introduce lip butter yang awesome ni.. 4 in 1. Boleh digunakan sebagai primer, lip balm, treatment & even lipstick harian. Memang berbaloi kan?

Faraa Antioxidant Lip Butter ni boleh bantu;
👄 Hilangkan bibir hitam,
👄 Rawat bibir yg kering & menggelupas,
👄 Lembapkan bibir & menghasilkan warna natural.

Tak perlu risau tentang chemical content, sebab lip butter ni made from natural ingredients

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Percubaan Mengecutkan Jerawat

These days, my skin selalu naik jerawat. Jerawat batu pun pernah ada tsk. Maybe caused by perubahan hormon akibat dah tua, sobs. Cause masa muda remaja dulu jarang sangat lah jerawat nak berkunjung tiba.

Sebelum I start with facial set khas untuk kulit acne-prone / sensitif, I tried a few ways untuk kecutkan jerawat-jerawat yang menjelma;

  • Oxy cream for stubborn acne ❌
  • Body shop tea tree oil ✅
  • Body shop tea tree oil targeted gel stick ✅
  • Theraskin thin spot patch ✅
  • Toothpaste ✅

Any of you girls ada personal experience and recommendation untuk kurangkan kesensitifan kulit ni?

My Personal Lip Tints Review

I have chappy and dry lips. Previously I used to use simple lip balm, and I have to re-apply it from time to time since it doesn’t stay on for too long, especially after I eat and drink. Although I like my lips to be colored, but I am not a fan of lipstick for some reason (which I also doesn’t know well, lol), so I will usually buy those color-changing lip balms.

And if you must know, I am not the most up-to-date person when it comes to fashion or beauty products, hihi. So when I went to South Korea last year, at one of the beauty shop in Myeongdong, I came upon this interesting item called lip-tint. So I bought this Peripera Peri’s Ink (the one in the middle in the picture above). I like it a lot! The tint is a bit thick, moisturize my lips, and the color can stay on for whole day too :)

Last March, I tried another lip tint from TheFaceShop, called My Lips Eat Cherry Aqua Tint (the one on the most right in the picture above). Hmm, to be honest, I am not a fan of this one – it doesn’t really help with my dry lips, not thick enough and doesn’t stay long at all! I have to keep re-applying it from time to time – but problem is, even the cheap and simple lip balm feels even nicer. Maybe the plus point is, since it’s not thick, you don’t have to worry if the tint color will be too much? I don’t know. But one thing for sure, I’m not going to buy it again.

Then last month, I gave it a try on TonyMoly’s LipTone Get It Tint Water Bar (the one on the most left in the picture above). I give thumbs up too on this one. It’s moisturizing and the color can stay long too! It’s also easier to apply compared to the last two – I can worry less about spilling the content, and I can even apply it while driving too :P To control the color level, you can dap it lightly on your lips instead of spreading it like lipstick or lip balm :)

This picture was taken during one of my ex-colleague’s farewell, and oh, the focus is that I have this lip tint on (I’m the one on the right, hihi).

p/s: This is from my own personal usage and experience. The result may vary on different people :) The sole purpose of this “review” is just to share my experience, thank you.

My Face Skin Is Getting Better, Somehow

Laneige Facial Multi CleanserLast month, I made a post about trying the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask, together with it’s facial multi cleanser. Though I have to admit, there are a few times I feel damn lazy and didn’t put it on, but still… I think my face skin condition is getting a bit better than previously.

One of the proof is when I went for a facial last week. To my surprise, the beautician told me that my face has less black-heads. The extraction process wasn’t as long and hurtful as it has always been previously! Sebab from my experience, biasanya rasa macam tepung je muka saya ni, kena lenyek, kena penyek dan macam kena uli masa buat extraction tu, hihi.

Body Shop Drops of Youth moisturizerYesterday evening after work, I went to KLCC for a quick stroll and window shopping~ (it’s a usual therapy for women after a longgggg, busy and stressful week, right? :P). As I am already out of moisturizer, I was thinking of trying something new. So I bought this Body Shop’s Drops of Youth cream. Let’s see how it goes after this… hopefully it will go well too ^^

Let’s Give it a Try!

I’m telling you, I am the laziest person on earth to wear any sort of cream or mask or anything related. But I told myself recently, I need to stop this ridiculous laziness!! For a start, I wanted to give it a try on this “Laneige Water Sleeping Mask” – so last Wednesday I purchase it online, and yayyy, it has already arrived today!

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