My Thoughts on The Red Sleeve Drama

The main reason for me to watch this drama, is of course because Lee Junho stars in it. Heheheh. If you don’t know, I am a big fan of him since 2010. I don’t consider myself as k-pop fan, cause I actually only like 2PM and Lee Junho mostly. Yang lain2 tu minat gitu2 aje lah. Layannnnn… but kalau 2PM dengan Junho ni, I am surely very invested. Boleh jadi gigih travel ke negara lain untuk tengok their concerts etc.

So of course, I will be very biased dengan drama ni. But after few episodes, rating drama di Korea makin meningkat dan dapat banyak komen positif dan sambutan penonton memang makin baik. Drama ni berada dalam top weekly drama di Korea selama lebih 2 bulan!

Honestly, I’m never really a fan of historical and melo drama. Personally I like and prefer rom-com and feel-good drama. And from what we know, this drama is a based from a same-titled novel. It’s a fiction based on true historical figure and life. A love story of King Jeongjo and a court maid, who was the only woman he ever loved his whole life. King Jeongjo was known to led the new renaissance of the Joseon Dynasty.

To be continued…

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