Virtual Team Lunch

We’re supposed to use up the budget for the team this quarter. But since we’re all stuck at home, we’ve decided to do a ‘virtual team lunch’ – everyone order their own lunch, do a conference call while eating together, and later claim max of certain amount from our manager.

This is actually my first time eating take out food since MCO was enforced. All of this time, I just cook and eat whatever I have in the kitchen :P So, since it’s claimable, I ordered myself a stuffed crust regular super supreme pizza. Yummy yummy.

Got me thinking, randomly, maybe should just make this as our daily routine and do live – like 먹방 ‘meokbang’ that many people are doing in Korea hahaha.

p/s: If anyone doesn’t know, ‘meokbang’ is a short form of 먹는 방송 ‘meokneun bangsong’ which means ‘eating broadcast’.

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