New Aladdin movie

I looooove the new movie #Aladdin so much! Went to watch it earlier this afternoon, redeeming my free tix from TGV movie club’s birthday reward :D

I kind of surprised myself that I was able to sing along to most of the songs. Then I remembered I used to love the OST so much when I was little!

I prefer this movie’s version of Princess Jasmine more? She’s a much more strong, has a better purpose and an ambitious lady, which is like… hell yeah! You go gurl!

We can see Disney has been gradually “evolving” their princesses and female characters, which is truly a remarkable thing! And anywayyy… No one can play the Genie’s character better than Will Smith of course yo! Just sayinnn :D

The image on the left is the emote that will appear when you tweet the #Aladdin hashtag on twitter. So cutttteeee!

I’m currently listening to the new OST on Spotify. Here’s the link to it. Enjoy!!

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