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Is there such thing? Hmm. It’s just I have been so unhappy these few months. Other than of course grieving over my late grandmother and how I still miss her each and every day… I feel I don’t have this social support thingie.

Being in the team I’m currently working in, it’s just… getting more and more “frustrating”. We can get by whole day bot talking to each other and just do our work. If there is a need to talk, it’s just about work. And that doesn’t really satisfy my need(?) lol (I sound so needy lol).

I hope I can at least be surrounded by some people who can give me that. Asking how are you. Saying good and motivated things to me once in a while. I don’t get that anymore in the team. I feel redundant and not important. Yeah, my manager told me otherwise cause I have been working for quite a while and I shouldn’t feel that way bla bla.. but I guess it’s true when they say “action speaks louder than words”?

I just need a change. Hopefully to the better. Praying hard!

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