[ENG Translation] Introducing Seo Poong character

Trans: Seo-Poong (31, male)
“Nothing is impossible with my wok”

“Hungry Wok’s master Poong”. “Incarnation of wok”.

Living together with his wok, in belief that cooking must be served at it’s most delicious moment, that’s not late, not overcooked, not cold.

Though he sustained the share of grief by his pride and talent, he fell from Korea’s best hotel Chinese restaurant “Hwaryeong-jeom-jeong” star chef, to sinking neighbourhood chinese kitchen “Hungry-wok”.

He was demoted from kitchen that he dedicated himself to for 10 years, even his beloved fiancé of 16 years left him.

The man’s heart caught flame in fire.

It’s even scarier than kitchen highest temperature of 1980 degrees.

Every moment, I’m the one living in the world of nerve-racking battle. Even messing with the man’s pride should have a limit.

Through my wok, stepping all under my way, I will not miss getting everything back.

Trans: This thing is called Cantonese wok.
The handles on both sides is called ‘gwi’ (ears).
You hold it here and do the cooking.
Usually the Chinese restaurant frying pan that we know is that one!
It’s the one with one handle attached.
It’s somewhat in a form like this.
But the difference is big when it has and not.
It hurts my wrist, even now the wrist has been a little pumping.
It requires too much strength.
But because Seo-Poong is using the both sides of wok all well.
First of all, I’m mastering from Cantonese wok.
Seo-Poong’s trademark is this Cantonese wok.

Trans: Please look forward to ‘yosaeknam’ (means sexy guy who’s good in cooking) who’ll pour the oil to your empty heart!

Trans: Seo Poong 31 y.o/male

* Ggeutpan-wang means like someone who is very good at something, somewhat unbeatable.

Trans: Even if he burns himself in HOT ‘fire’, he likes it hot!


Trans: My character is called Seo-Poong.
He’s in charge of being Sous Chef at Hwaryong-jeong-jeom (HJJ). At one moment, he fell into the bottomless pit from the position. To take revenge on HJJ, he gets hired at ‘Hungry frying pan’ right across the street, and dreams to revenge hard.

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