People keep disappointing me

Sepatutnya today pihak management nak datang tengok my bilik bocor. So after asking so many people, semua pun tak free nak tolong teman, a friend agreed and promised she could help me. Allah je tahu betapa bersyukur dan happy nya saya masa tu. If you tak pernah alone tanpa ada siapa tempat mengadu, you will not understand this feeling.

Then semalam I even went for small shopping, punyalah excited ada kawan as guest nak datang. Beli banyak snacks, kemas rumah, etc. Then bila tiba-tiba at last minute this morning, she told me she couldn’t come, Allah je yang tahu perasaan ni.

This is not the first time friend did this to me. I mean, they are not about going out having fun thingies. I was asking for help, sincerely. But people keep doing this to me. It’s so sad and depressing for me. All these acts really doesn’t help, but only destroy my faith and confidence :(

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