[ENG Translation] 2PM 6Nights Day-2 Talks 20170603

WY is surprised as many fans still come even today. he thinks it’s a fate that he met the members and the fans <3 "Even if i can't sing, as i get older, my voice won't come out, i will stay beside these 6 men." "In the future, whatever happens, i will be with the members."

“Members have all been busy with personal activities, but no matter what, how, we want to show u guys our good appearances.”

“As 2pm members have injured a lot, so we know/understand each other, how difficult it is.” (referring to minjun)

Junho been taking painkillers because of his wisdom teeth. But it’s getting better now. But it’s still a bit difficult when he sings ㅠㅠ ~> https://twitter.com/dlwtnslek/status/870994874379534336

Khun thnx all as he’s able to live well & happy 4 d past 10 years in Korea. He also got many chance for solo but can’t go cz of d members♥ ~> https://www.instagram.com/p/BU4TaY1lOAl/

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