Month: June 2017

Dramas I’m Currently Watching

I memang jenis suka drama yang simple, cute, sweet and kelakar. Kalau jenis heavy2, memang idok le jawabnye. And to be honest, most of the time, I akan tengok kalau hero atau heroin dia adalah favorite I ehehe. So currently I tengok these 2 dramas;

Fight for My Way

Sebab pertama tengok cerita ni = Park Seo Joon, hehe. Sebab kedua, bila tengok trailer drama ni, memang nampak kelakar. Personally, I rasa cerita ni sometimes ada rasa slow and boring sikit. Tapi lately punya episod lepas Dong-Man and Ae-Ra dah couple, dia start jadi interesting semula haha. I paling suka sebab they both are best friends since kecil – in which they are already very comfortable with each other. Seeing how the friendship tu boleh bloom memang sweet, and transition dari selamba ke malu-malu pulak memang kelakar, haha.

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Sad Raya

Sadly, this is my “raya meal” this year. Since wan dah tak ada, I’m alone for this raya. So, I don’t consider myself “celebrating” raya at all. Today is just another Sunday for me. 

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Just Do It!

Just a random thought, in which reminds me about this throwback ~> Me visiting Gundam @ Odaiba~ back in 2015, I decided to travel alone from Toshima to Odaiba at night (my friends have already went back and I was the only one left in Tokyo for the last night). Despite not knowing exactly where it was, getting lost etc, I managed to arrive here. The robot light usually went off at 11.00 pm and I arrived at 11.01 pm.

I remember seeing the light being turned off from afar while I was running towards Gundam, it was quite sad so I decided to sit in front of gundam for quite a while (and I think I made the security officer a bit worried as he keeps checking what I was up to, as I was the only visitor, at that late hour).

Point is – I’m glad I made the decision to “just go-lah!” that night, as Gundam last day here was on March 5th this year. “In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take”. #beraniberaniayam #justdoit