Picking up the pieces 

Tentu wan sedih kalau tahu apa yang aku lalui. How they are treating me right now. So much of “family” sangat. They are doing what they have always been doing – assume and judge me – and treat me like I am the worst person ever.

I have to go through this on my own, by myself, all alone. I wonder don’t they have rasa belas kasihan in their heart at all? Trying to kick me out of this house. At least give me more time. I need to save up too before I can start moving to a new place. 

I am recovering very slow on this lost. It’s not easy ok? And just when I just rasa macam boleh berpijak sedikit, trying to pick up the pieces, slowly crawling back into life, mereka dengan senang hatinya try to throw stones back, making it harder for me.

p/s: Other than berusaha untuk terus kuat, I can only berdoa moga Allah permudahkan perjalan ini. Al-Fatihah untuk wan dan atuk. Moga kita akan berjumpa lagi suatu hari nanti di sana. InsyaAllah.

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