Day 2 Challenge: Gambar Setahun Lalu

I don’t have a pic which was taken at exactly a year ago with the same date. But I have 2 photos which age around the same :) The photos and story was about a gift that I received during our department’s Christmas gift exchange. I totally didn’t expect such a sweet gift though ^^;

Actually, we were supposed to write and put up our “wish” on a board. I remember I wrote my wish as something like, “Anything nice :)” hihi. And then, we had to put our gifts at a prepared place. Among those gifts, I did saw a big box at first, but didn’t notice my name was written on it (as you can see, it was covered with styrofoam bits).

Then after I saw my name there, I though, “alaa.. surely got many newspaper in that big box to prank me one”, haha. Some more, when I took it, it was very light. So I really thought my expectation was right. Keh keh.

I even posted this on my instagram back then;

But then… after I unwrapped and opened the present… this cutesy fella came out :o

Maybe to some people, it’s just a normal gift, like, “alaa.. teddy bear je pon, kecoh”, haha. But it was so special for me, since I am a person who seldom receives a gift and most of all, I never thought someone would be so kind and sweet to give such a cute and big gift for me.

From the bottom of my heart, I was so damn surprised, happy and completely touched with this gift :’) Love you my dearest Secret Santa!

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