Day 1 Challenge: Siapakah Saya??

Hello, nice to meet you~ 반가워요^^ Who am I? My name is Najwa. I’m currently in my early-3-series-age haha. I was born in Kuala Lumpur, raised by my grandparents in Muar (Johor) and currently lives somewhere near Kuala Lumpur again.

I obtained my degree in Computer Science from Universiti Putra Malaysia. I’ve been working as a Software Engineer in Exact ADC for more than 4 years already. I’m still single coughandcurrentlylookingcough hehe.

Well, I don’t have much interesting family background to share, but here are 3 kinda “unique” and random facts about me :)

1. My current basic interests are the standard ones – music, movies, books. But I used to fangirl quite a lot back then. I guess, as you grow older wiser, you will tend to naturally slow down on it. To be honest, I never thought these days would really come. I somehow thought I’d be that little crazy fangirl for the rest of my life, lol.

2. I also had special interests in Korean language. I attended a class to learn the language for around 3 years. It was really fun! Althought I am not that super good in it, but I can read and understand some basic simple conversations :) Actually, the initial reason I learnt this language at 1st place, was because I had a dream – to talk and have conversation with Junho and 2PM during a fan-meeting, lol! I’m not sure if that is even possible, but at least I got to learn a new language right? It’s really fun to be honest^^

3. Another thing about me is that I have this “resting bitch face” syndrome – where most of the time, people will see me as angry, or stressed, or being arrogant – while actually I am just being emotionless (like in the picture!) haha. I was born with this face btw. For real, you can’t expect a person to try to remember to smile 24/7, just to make you happy, right?

You may also read more about me from this site’s “About” page – where I compile and put everything related to me and my interests.

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