Time Flies!

Wow.. less than 3 weeks until 2017. Cepat betul masa berlalu. These days I always feel like I don’t accomplish much in life. Especially this year. Worst. 

Most of the time, even during weekend, I usually just spend and waste my time resting at home – watching tv, series, movies, youtube videos… and maybe a bit of reading. 

Each year passing by, I have less and lesser friends compared to previously. Hmm… sometimes I wonder, is there something wrong with me? Why and how do I become like this? :(

But at least I accomplished one of my top list 2016 resolution = to be less stress on work, just do the best that I can and enjoy it! Yeay! *cuba menenangkan dan menyedapkan hati*

So, maybe for next year, my top resolution should be = get out and socialise more often, and be less depressed, haha. 

p/s: This year: Macao & Hong Kong, alhamdulillah. Next year: UK & some places in Europe, insyaAllah

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