2017 Resolutions 

So alhamdulillah I have accomplished my 2016 resolution. Satu je pun = tak nak stress about work. Lagipun bila kita stress kat workplace, kita akan affect orang sekeliling yang bekerja sama-sama dengan kita. Apa-apa pun relax, try to communicate and get help kalau tak boleh siap etc. Manage your time.

So, I have 2 resolutions for 2017. Increase bar nampak! Haha. 

  1. Be less depressed, enjoy more & be healthy more. Because I can see that personally, I didn’t accomplish much this year. I feel bad about myself quite a lot. I spent most of my weekends at home. Yes, I do accompany my grandmother to places she wanted to go. But I really think I could have managed my time better, so I could have enjoyed more. Instead of giving excuses, I should find a way to make things happen!
  2. Khatam Quran. Hehe. Sebab lama sangat rasanya tak khatam. To be honest, sangat jarang mengaji Quran. Malu sangat dengan diri sendiri. Lagipun I really think this is one of the best way untuk bantu first resolution tu, which is to be less depressed. Yeah!

Hopefully semua tu jadilah kenyataan. Aminnnnn…

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