Sometimes, I Forget

I was feeling a little down this evening. As I was seeing some of the people I know went out for Friday night-out. But there I was, just heading home. I partly felt like a fool, but I didn’t know why.

But then some thoughts washed over me. Why must I feel that way?

Yes, they have that ‘luxury’ to have fun like nobody’s business. Then I realized that most of them are living on their own, far from their families.

Me? I have the ‘luxury’ of being around and bermanja my family as much as I can, since I live with them. For example, healthy home cooked meals are always ready whenever I’m home from work. Somehow, it didn’t mean so much to me before, but then I remembered a person told me – how lucky I am. And that is just one example.

What I’m trying to say is that, all of us are blessed with our own ‘luxury’, in our own way. No matter how small it is, we have to be thankful and appreciate what we have.

I guess there are times, for a little while, that I simply forget to see and appreciate what had been in front of my eyes all along. Alhamdulillah, Dia sentiasa buat aku ingat :)

Note: I am fine. I am not writing this entry for ’emo’ purpose or anything. Just as simple as posting my thoughts.

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