My Face Skin Is Getting Better, Somehow

Laneige Facial Multi CleanserLast month, I made a post about trying the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask, together with it’s facial multi cleanser. Though I have to admit, there are a few times I feel damn lazy and didn’t put it on, but still… I think my face skin condition is getting a bit better than previously.

One of the proof is when I went for a facial last week. To my surprise, the beautician told me that my face has less black-heads. The extraction process wasn’t as long and hurtful as it has always been previously! Sebab from my experience, biasanya rasa macam tepung je muka saya ni, kena lenyek, kena penyek dan macam kena uli masa buat extraction tu, hihi.

Body Shop Drops of Youth moisturizerYesterday evening after work, I went to KLCC for a quick stroll and window shopping~ (it’s a usual therapy for women after a longgggg, busy and stressful week, right? :P). As I am already out of moisturizer, I was thinking of trying something new. So I bought this Body Shop’s Drops of Youth cream. Let’s see how it goes after this… hopefully it will go well too ^^

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