K-Dramas I’m Currently Watching

Descendants of the SunNumber one, on top of my list would be “Descendants of the Sun“. Main reason I’m watching this drama = Song Joong-Ki :P I am a bit worried after seeing the synopsis and trailers because I am usually not into serious type of drama. But since Joong-Ki is in it, I thought that I’ll give it a go. And after watching the episodes until now, it’s not fully serious after all. The story line and plot is different and interesting. The character Yu Si-Jin suits Joong-Ki perfectly = charming, playful, super awesome, lol ok I’d better stop now haha. And oh, 2 thumbs up also for the OST line-ups of this drama!

My Secret HotelThe next drama I am currently watching is “My Secret Hotel“. I actually came to watch this drama by accident while flipping through channels, and came across channel M, and saw Yoo In-Na on it. I like watching Yoo In-Na since “Queen In-Hyun’s Man” drama :) And it was a perfect timing to start watching this drama at that time = episode 1, just around 1 minute after the drama starts, lol. The plot and story is nice, so why not ;)

Please Come Back MisterNext in line is “Please Come Back Mister“. Another typical reason I choose to watch this drama = Rain :P I just started to watch this drama, so I can’t comment much on it, except that it’s quite funny. And it’s quite nice and refreshing to see Rain acts all funny and comical ~ which is mostly opposite of his usual image that we mostly see and know him hihi. Another reason I watch this drama is also because Lee Min-Jung stars in it :)

MemoryAnd there will be another drama I am very looking forward to watch, and will be sure not going to miss, “Memory“. The reason is simple. 2 words = Lee Junho :P If you must know, he is my ideal man in every aspect, hahaha. I have been a fan of him since so many years ago. I’d better not start with all my fangirling feelings towards him or you’ll get annoyed even more, lol. I have to say, he is not the one people will fall in love at first sight, but it’s very interesting to see how he move up from being called “Nugu” (in Korean it is a way to call someone a nobody), to a successful singer and actor over the years ^^

p/s: Yes, I usually choose to watch the drama mostly because of the actors/actresses that I like starts in it :)

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