Another Boring Weekend

Actually, that’s all I wanted to say. Anything beyond the title doesn’t make much sense, lol. It was a rather another boring weekend for me, and also a bit gloomy too. This evening I made the move to talk to a family member about many things that have been bothering me, so I feel a little bit better now. I feel blessed the person really listened and even offered some help.

I have also finished my very-mini sewing project. It’s nothing special, just a small holder for cards in my pouch. I have problem finding the ‘perfect’ purse for my belongings. What I store are mostly cards *coughgirlscough*, and it can get way too bulky if I choose the wrong purse. So my current solution is – just buy the simple black pouch from H&M, and then make a simple 2-compartments holder for my cards to be placed in the pouch. I use stretchable type of cloth so it will be easier for me to go through my cards :)

The sewing quality is terrible, but I know I can do better next time. I just need more practice. Although my skill is limited, but back in school, I did love sewing. I remember over-hearing my ‘Integrated Living Skill’ subject teacher talked to another teacher about my sewing project ~ “She is quite slow while doing it, but the quality is good”, it’s a mixed feeling of sad + happy for me when hearing such comment, haha.

I also think I should organize my beading tools and stuff better. They are all over the place and not properly organized. It’s been quite a while since I create anything, as just the thought of trying to find the tools can make me feel lazy already, lol. I hope I can start beading back again very soon. Maybe by doing all these projects can make my weekends less boring? :D

I have started to watch my dearie Junho’s first drama – Memory, which first aired last Friday. The storyline itself is quite interesting~ totally looking forward to watch more of it!

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