Let’s Give it a Try!

I’m telling you, I am the laziest person on earth to wear any sort of cream or mask or anything related. But I told myself recently, I need to stop this ridiculous laziness!! For a start, I wanted to give it a try on this “Laneige Water Sleeping Mask” – so last Wednesday I purchase it online, and yayyy, it has already arrived today!

The pack comes with extra 2 small travel pack of the same mask + 1 facial multi cleanser (which didn’t get to make it into this picture, as I have already used it :P).

So now, I must, must, must, get motivated to wear it every night before I go to sleep! Hopefully I can be as pwetty as Song Hye-kyo in a month or two! OK, just kidding, because that is very, very, very impossible, hahaha. To be honest, my target is mainly to keep my skin hydrated, healthy and have the tone balanced :)

Najwa, fighting!!

p/s: By the wat, during my college years – I just use soap for hair + face + body, 3-in-1, can you imagine? lol.

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