The title is supposed to be a wordplay – from korean word 벌써 (beol-sseo) which means ‘already’. So, bold + beol-sseo = bold already? Get it? No? Erm.. :P

I think many of us are facing this problem – hair falls. If it’s caused by genetic factor, I guess we can’t really help it much then. If not, then it’s a good idea to check back our eating habits.

Hahaha.. the Britney pic has nothing to do with this post. Just thought it would be fun to use. I don’t think she has the genetic problem or even wrong eating habit, but she had other problem instead during this time. So kids, please don’t try this at home, hehe…

OK, back to the original topic. I think, this problem occurs mainly due to the flavor enhancer that are being used in our food. Especially to those who eat outside quite often, mostly (not all, perhaps) would face this problem. Like it or not, the some hawkers and cooks usually use a lot of flavor enhancer, or MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) in the food they cook. As many only cares of the profits, not our health.

And another one is instant noodles! This is one of the worst la. In a test conducted on 10 types of instant noodles, 3 of them contains a very high content of sodium – more than 1,000 milligrams. Actually, the amount recommended by doctors is only 2,400 per day.

In addition to the hair falls problem, MSG can also cause cancer if consumed in excess. In excess here, I didn’t mean that we would consume the whole bottle or packet in 1 go, lol, but if we continuously take it, in short period of time, our body will ‘keep’ this toxin more and more. Our body needs time to completely flush and detox all the toxins from our body.

I’ve read somewhere – in which you can try this at home, hehe. Try to take a pack Ajinomoto, mix it with a glass of water, “secukup rasa”, haha. Then, pour that water to a plant. Approximately in a week, you guys can see the result on the plant :P Want to know something worse? MSG is the catalyst in herbicides’ toxicity. It will penetrate deep down to the grass roots. And if any is left after that, it will cause the grass to take a longer time to grow back.

Not that we can’t eat instant noodle at all. Sure can… but just, not too often. Once a month should be OK ;) And let’s be cautious of the place we choose to eat too!

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