This Isn’t Goodbye. I Hope.

Yesterday was my final Korean language class… after almost 3 years of attending it, if I am not wrong, since November 2010! Our beloved Ms Kim won’t be staying in Malaysia anymore (due to some inevitable reasons), and I guess the language centre couldn’t find any better teacher that can teach well for higher level of Korean language class.. that we have come to this :(

I am surely going to miss her, my classmates and all the lessons I attended almost every week! Ms Kim is one of the best language teacher I have ever met in my entire life! Seriously. She is so kind, cute and a very sweet person too~ I am so going to miss her teasings, her stories and many of her motivational advises :’)

Learning by yourself and having a native speaking teacher to teach you the language is a wayyy different feelings you know (yes, cause I tried!). It’s better and personally I think it’s important for you to understand the culture too while learning a foreign language. Saw when I highlighted the “feeling” word in previous sentence…? That’s also another reason why depending too much on Google Translator sucks big time. Cause some sentences, can only be expressed and translated if you know the feeling and reasons behind, of why it is being said (hopefully my sentences made a little sense!)

….And I can’t help wondering now, of how and where I can implement and keep practising all the things I have learned :/ It sure will get way rustier than it is now, if I don’t get to use and practise it more!

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