Ouch, my gum still hurts :yuck: Went to dentist yesterday evening to get rid of my molar tooth which has been damaged by chocolates and ice-cream, lol. It only stop bleeding until this morning…! I was so worried. But thankfully, I finally can eat something now…

Went out with Ainor to watch ‘Gangster’ the other day. Well, sadly, the film didn’t turn out to be as good as I hope it would be :sad: Well, it has some really good actions (love all the racing and cars parts) but… my personal opinion is that the movie doesn’t have a proper storyline, I dunno, at least Ainor and me think so. 3 stories in a film with no connections among them at all? It’ll be better if they stick to 1 damn story, it’ll be much bigger and better… Well, one of the strongest reason I wanted to watch the movie was because… ehehe… Ako was in it :tongue: (selain menyokong filem tempatan, right..) But overall, I think it’s an OK film… nice stunts and stuff :wink:

Tonight is Juara Lagu :drum rolls: but, meaning no Smallville tonight, ergh… And Umie’s debut performance on TV is gonna be tonight at 8pm, in Blast Off talent search competition. She’s the lead singer in the Shohoku band. Asked me lots of times to watch her performance, lol. I’m totally gonna support her 100%. Hope they’ll make it to the final :cross fingers:

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