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Sleepy and Tired

Lately i’ve been more of tired and sleepy~~~ and according to my aunt, it’s something to do with my surroundings~ seems like i’m living a boring life? lol~~ i guess it is? most of the time i’ll just stay home, watching videos, tweeting watching tv… hurmmm… exciting much..? hahahaha

Tuition Songsaengnim

About 2 months ago, I was TOTALLYYY broke so i applied for a part time~ as a tutor at a tuition centre kkkk~ and yayness I got it ^^; The pay isn’t high but oh well, it’s better than nothing right? At least I get to spend on Fangoods with no much worries kkk ~ *sigh* you see, being a fangirl is a serioussss job okie! kkkk =p

It’s Been a While~

it has been a while since i write on this blog~ sorry! ^^; been a little busy with works, n fangirling kkk~ last month was a memorable month cause 2PM finalllyyyyy came to Malaysia! This forgotten land is longer forgetten lulz at my lame sentence XD And the best thing is that I GOT TO HI TOUCH WITH MY OSEMLY CUTE SEXY SMART COOL SUPER HOT IDOL LEE JUNHOOOO OMGGGGG lol~ seriously it was really exciting!!! it’s like i finally get to see him FACE TO FACE omggggg he looks sooooo much cuter and flawless IRL tsk tsk i feel like crying each time i remember it tsktsk lol~~~ i shall continue my childish rants ans story later i’m trying my best to learn doing hard subbing for videos right now kkk~ wish me luck!

The Best Way to Redirect URL

Terdapat 3 cara utama on how to redirect a URL;

Cara 1: Javascript

<script type="text/javascript">
window.location = "http://new-url.com"

Cara ini akan take viewers anda terus ke URL yang disetkan, as soon as mereka start loading the page. window.location property dalam javascript ini yang akan menentukan URL apa yang akan di load pada browser. Anda hanya perlu setkan URL yang anda kehendaki pada property tersebut.

Cara 2: Meta Refresh Redirects using Http Meta Tag

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="2;url=new-url.com" />

Antara cara yang seringkali dan paling mudah digunakan. Meta tag ni terletak di bahagian
<head> dokumen HTML anda.

Bagi attribute content;


nombor tersebut mewakili masa (dalam saat), until the page akan di redirect. Kemudian, separated by semi-colon (;) setkan url of page that will be loaded (in this example, url=new-url.com)

But these first 2 ways are not highly recommended. It’s quite bad for your site’s SEO actually. Search engine akan unindex / delete from search engine index, domain yang banyak mengguna meta refresh tag untuk redirect page ni. Ini kerana pada pandangan search engine, your site might be seen as a spam site.

Both cara ini banyak digunakan oleh spammers untuk fool search engines and visitors. Spammers akan set up a site dengan berbagai2 bagai keywords yang akan menampakkan ianya seperti web yang sebenar. Kemudian mereka akan meletakkan Meta Refresh Redirects tag atau Javascripts Redirect code ini di page supaya anda akan being redirected to their actual spam page.

Therefore, bila your site dah being unindexed, anda akan lose banyak traffic kerana tidak tersenarai dalam search results.

Cara 3: 301 Server Redirects using .htaccess

Redirect 301 /old-path/old-page.html http://new-url.com

Cara ini merupakan cara terbaik untuk redirect web page / site untuk mengekalkan ranking di search engine. This peace of code terbahagi kepada 3 elemen;

Redirect 301 membawa maksud the page is moved permanently.

/old-path/old-page.html pula adalah folder path and file name lama yang hendak di redirect. Note: Jangan tambah “http://www” pada bahagian ini, hanya letakkan path from the top level of your site to the page.

http://new-url.com pula untuk path dan file baru you want the pages redirected to.

Eh, saya takde .htaccess file tu lah. Macam mana nak setkan?
Sonang bai tuh. Just follow these simple steps;

1. Jika anda tiada file .htaccess dalam root directory, just open a new text file, and save the file as .htaccess (there is no extension).

2. Jika anda sudah ada file tersebut, download it, and open the file for editing.

3. Add the peace of code as above;

Redirect 301 /old-path/old-page.html http://new-url.com

4. Jika file .htaccess anda sudah ada lines of codes in it, just skip a line, kemudian tambahlah the code above.

5. Save the .htaccess file and uploadkannya ke root directory web server anda.

6. Test your redirect dengan menaip the old address yang hendak di redirect tadi. Anda akan immediately being taken to the new location.

Why is this the best method for SEO? Ini kerana, apabila search engine menghantar spider untuk crawl ke website anda, mereka akan follow rules yang di create di .htaccess file – not actually reading it, but recognizes responces dari server sebagai valid. So, during their next update (which according to pakcik Google, takes about 6-8 weeks), old file tersebut akan di drop dan digantikan dengan the new one ;D

Twilight Saga: Eclipse. Have You Watched It?

Have you watched it already?? I have! Watched it last Wednesday! Yeay! I must say, I really really want to watch it again! :P If you’re a fan of twilight, for sure you’re gonna loooove this movie! :)

Of course, the film isn’t portrayed EXACTLY like in the book. But the director did it well. And he also tries to inject more element of action, more than the last 2 movies. You’ll get to watch a great fight between the vampires :pirate:

Just when you thought the werewolves and the vampires are the worst enemy and are always ready to find excuses to kill each other no matter what, think twice. Bella might be the reason behind this ‘war’ in this saga, but she is also the reason the pack and the Cullens can cooperate and work together in a way you can’t imagine. If you have already read the book, you’ll know their relationship will get much better :wink:

What I like about Jacob is his naturalness as a human. He’s a good boy. But yet, he has that dark side of him of which he’s not trying to hide. He never pretends to appear or act nice just untuk impress Bella or anyone. He’s just being himself. Maybe his imperfectness quality that made me melt right away … (other than the fact that he’s obviously really HOT, lol) :crush:

He’s also a good friend. He doesn’t being all bossy or being toooooo much protective like a dad. He’s honest and shares everything as a friend. I think his character appeals more to me than Edward’s. And I’m team JACOB all the waaaay! :love:


Ouch, my gum still hurts :yuck: Went to dentist yesterday evening to get rid of my molar tooth which has been damaged by chocolates and ice-cream, lol. It only stop bleeding until this morning…! I was so worried. But thankfully, I finally can eat something now…

Went out with Ainor to watch ‘Gangster’ the other day. Well, sadly, the film didn’t turn out to be as good as I hope it would be :sad: Well, it has some really good actions (love all the racing and cars parts) but… my personal opinion is that the movie doesn’t have a proper storyline, I dunno, at least Ainor and me think so. 3 stories in a film with no connections among them at all? It’ll be better if they stick to 1 damn story, it’ll be much bigger and better… Well, one of the strongest reason I wanted to watch the movie was because… ehehe… Ako was in it :tongue: (selain menyokong filem tempatan, right..) But overall, I think it’s an OK film… nice stunts and stuff :wink:

Tonight is Juara Lagu :drum rolls: but, meaning no Smallville tonight, ergh… And Umie’s debut performance on TV is gonna be tonight at 8pm, in Blast Off talent search competition. She’s the lead singer in the Shohoku band. Asked me lots of times to watch her performance, lol. I’m totally gonna support her 100%. Hope they’ll make it to the final :cross fingers:

Fallen into pieces

Things has got really really boring this lately. I suddenly lost my interest on many things, including my study. It’s like I’d rather sit and watch TV all day long or even play computer games until 4 am. No idea why. But I’m trying to find myself back again. My marks are dropping slowly on my first tests… I just hope it won’t be long and my history of ‘failing’ won’t happen again. I’m sick of being called stupid and or not one of the best in my family.. among my cousins to be more specific. We are pretty close so we are always being compared to each other. I have lots to prove to everyone, so I hope I’ll have my strength back soon and go for the battle to be one of the first-class honour student.

Have my test in an hour. And yeah, not so surprisingly, I’m still here in front of the computer. That’s what I was talking about. Ergh. I’ve been thinking of changing for a new layout as this old dark layout has bored me to death already, lol. But I have no idea what or even who will be featured on the layout?? Hmm… I can’t seem to find any good pics. :yawn:

Juara Lagu is going to be next week. I hope Vince will perform his best, and hopefully won something :grin: He’s been working hard to get where he is now, wishing him all the best. Semalam tengok Muzik@Ria, lawak gile la video klip KRU & Adam yang baru tu -“Terhangat Di Pasaran”. Wakaka, pakai pompuan plak tu, tu yang lawak tu. KRU still maintain best cam dulu. Aku minat KRU takde la gile2 sangat tapi aku suspect (bak kata apek senario) la kat diorang. Wat lagu sendiri, manage group sendiri sume. Aku ingat lagi dolu2, masa memula KRU breakthrough tahun 1992, aku tak berapa minat diorang, malah rasa ntah pape ntah. Alaa.. masa aku zaman kanak2 dulu, masa minat sesame street lagik. Pastu aku start minat diorang sejak album Awas 1994. Sampai la ni sekarang. Ape la aku ni cerita pasal minat KRU lak. Bukan ape, aku saje je nak release tension ni. Tak pernah2 aku tulis BM dalam blog aku.

OK, I guess that’s it for now. I’d better go and have my last glance at my notes before the test begin. See ya… hopefully with a new layout ;)