Still Trying

Many many many things are new to me. And to be honest, I am not so much of a strong person. So from time to time I will easily break down. But alhamdulillah, because I know I still have Allah, I will be and feel much better. Allah yang banyak bagi kekuatan pada saya. Kalau tak, tak tahu what could and will happen to me.

Saya juga selalu akan tengok quotes berunsur islamic, quran dan hadith untuk terus bagi saya semangat. And I am still trying to be stronger. Harap suatu hari nanti saya boleh terus senyum walaupun keadaan adalah rough. InsyaAllah…

People keep disappointing me

Sepatutnya today pihak management nak datang tengok my bilik bocor. So after asking so many people, semua pun tak free nak tolong teman, a friend agreed and promised she could help me. Allah je tahu betapa bersyukur dan happy nya saya masa tu. If you tak pernah alone tanpa ada siapa tempat mengadu, you will not understand this feeling.

Then semalam I even went for small shopping, punyalah excited ada kawan as guest nak datang. Beli banyak snacks, kemas rumah, etc. Then bila tiba-tiba at last minute this morning, she told me she couldn’t come, Allah je yang tahu perasaan ni.

This is not the first time friend did this to me. I mean, they are not about going out having fun thingies. I was asking for help, sincerely. But people keep doing this to me. It’s so sad and depressing for me. All these acts really doesn’t help, but only destroy my faith and confidence :(

Run Again, Najwa

It’s been a tough year filled with shame and nonachivement. But I feel so lucky that this one awesome person gave me some wise and motivational advises, on work wise at least. I shall never forget the kindness :) Hopefully I can start crawling, standing, walking and running back again. Sometimes that one simple kindness can really change other people’s life.

I Need to Change

  • Be brave. Stand out. Be vocal. Speak up and be proud to showcase what I am doing or have done.
  • Ask question during grooming. Ask to share concern so I can learn too.
  • Ask question during monthly meeting. Don’t be passive.

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