How I can safely receive deliveries in time of Covid-19

I’ve been panicking each time I receive a parcel. Tried many custom personal “SOP” but none ever works. I always get more panic and ended up thinking – “Shit, idk.. I think there’s a chance I might already got infected, I’m doomed. Oh God. But… Let’s wait for 14 days, I still hope I’m ok..”

So just now, I found this step. Pretty basic. But I’m still nervous though. Only people with anxiety disorder would understand.. sobs..

  • Ask for contact-free deliveries to minimise the risk of transmission from delivery drivers
  • Dispose of packaging immediately
  • Follow hand washing advice and thoroughly clean your hands after handling parcels
  • Regularly clean surfaces with anti-bacterial spray

Credit: WomenHealthMagazine

Update as of 25th March 2020:

I had to pick up a package that was being placed inside PosLaju’s EzyBox (cause apparently they don’t want to do home delivery if they don’t feel like it urgh). Here’s what I did;

  • I bring 2 bags
    • 1 paper bag to store the parcel
      I place this bag inside my car, to leave it for few days. If there’s any virus there, it should die without a host.
    • 1 reusable bag to put my belongings
      So I can place all items I brought out – keys, handphone, sanitizers, small wallet. And have them cleaned when I reached home.
  • As soon as I reached home;
    • Wash my hand.
    • Close front door.
    • Open door to laundry place.
    • Wash clothes I wore to go out.
    • Wash my hand.
    • Shower.
    • Clean/disinfect the items from the reusable bag.
    • Was the reusable bag.
    • Wash my hand.

At least when I did those, I panic less. Since I don’t place things all over the place, it took me less time to clean/disinfect the things. Yay me!!

Place to rant during CMO

OK, these few days, my panic attacked more often. One of reason is – too many bad, sad, annoying news regarding the virus and new government. Then there’s also my paranoias towards any foreign item I have to bring inside the house – parcel, letters, groceries.

So.. this will be my avenue to let go all of those frustrations, anger, worries… or anything that’s bothering my mind.

New Aladdin movie

I looooove the new movie #Aladdin so much! Went to watch it earlier this afternoon, redeeming my free tix from TGV movie club’s birthday reward :D

I kind of surprised myself that I was able to sing along to most of the songs. Then I remembered I used to love the OST so much when I was little!

I prefer this movie’s version of Princess Jasmine more? She’s a much more strong, has a better purpose and an ambitious lady, which is like… hell yeah! You go gurl!

We can see Disney has been gradually “evolving” their princesses and female characters, which is truly a remarkable thing! And anywayyy… No one can play the Genie’s character better than Will Smith of course yo! Just sayinnn :D

The image on the left is the emote that will appear when you tweet the #Aladdin hashtag on twitter. So cutttteeee!

I’m currently listening to the new OST on Spotify. Here’s the link to it. Enjoy!!

Westlife is coming to Malaysia!

Eeeee! I can’t wait!! I last saw them in Bukit Jalil in 2002! Like whut!! That’s 17 years ago, omg I feel old and ancient lol. What’s amazing is.. 1) Westlife will doing 2-day shows in Malaysia, 2) it’s not gonna be at that pety Stadium Negara, haha.

They were my teenage crush back then, and oh my oh my, Nicky is still looking as foine as ever. They really bring back all the great memories I had back then. Can’t wait for the seating and ticketing info to be out this Friday (5th April)!

So… Anyone else going too?