The Art of Being Underestimated

It seems that everywhere we go, there are these ‘sets of people’ – those who like to look down and contemned on others. Always try to make people feel so small, and worse, make them believe they are small and less worthy.

This event of adversity can either result ones to; 1) believe that and quit, or 2) work harder. It is nothing but normal that we mostly just feel like giving up. Especially when it’s related to our progress in career or anything professionally. At certain limit, we feel like it’s far too heavy for us to carry the weight and bring us down.

“One of the best opportunities you can be given in life is to be underestimated.”

It also depends on how we overcome these problems. How we should learn not to take those negative opinions as a life sentence to mediocrity, but rather use this to fuel our motivation to excel.

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Let’s Give it a Try!

I’m telling you, I am the laziest person on earth to wear any sort of cream or mask or anything related. But I told myself recently, I need to stop this ridiculous laziness!! For a start, I wanted to give it a try on this “Laneige Water Sleeping Mask” – so last Wednesday I purchase it online, and yayyy, it has already arrived today!

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Huat Ah!

Thanks to my sweet team members for the orange, ang-pow and banana soft cake! (really looks like Tokyo banana right?). As for the ang-pow, I usually don’t use it. I don’t know why, I have this habit of saving these money packets for the “baraqah”, or like my colleague said “Oh, for huat ah!” hahaha…

p/s: The company is also giving out ang-pow for the staff tomorrow~ heuheu~


The title is supposed to be a wordplay – from korean word 벌써 (beol-sseo) which means ‘already’. So, bold + beol-sseo = bold already? Get it? No? Erm.. :P

I think many of us are facing this problem – hair falls. If it’s caused by genetic factor, I guess we can’t really help it much then. If not, then it’s a good idea to check back our eating habits.

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I Have the Face of a Bitch, Resting

…not in peace I hope. OK lame bye. Anywayyy, I do get this comment (a lot) when people see me;

“You look so serious/stressed”

I hate to break it up to you, but, it’s actually just my face & how I look like, neutrally!! Tsk.

And then recently my colleague reminded me of this term, which in fact totally suits me: Resting bitch face.

Sadly, but true.