My Face Skin Is Getting Better, Somehow

Laneige Facial Multi CleanserLast month, I made a post about trying the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask, together with it’s facial multi cleanser. Though I have to admit, there are a few times I feel damn lazy and didn’t put it on, but still… I think my face skin condition is getting a bit better than previously.

One of the proof is when I went for a facial last week. To my surprise, the beautician told me that my face has less black-heads. The extraction process wasn’t as long and hurtful as it has always been previously! Sebab from my experience, biasanya rasa macam tepung je muka saya ni, kena lenyek, kena penyek dan macam kena uli masa buat extraction tu, hihi.

Body Shop Drops of Youth moisturizerYesterday evening after work, I went to KLCC for a quick stroll and window shopping~ (it’s a usual therapy for women after a longgggg, busy and stressful week, right? :P). As I am already out of moisturizer, I was thinking of trying something new. So I bought this Body Shop’s Drops of Youth cream. Let’s see how it goes after this… hopefully it will go well too ^^

Everything Happens For a Reason

Cheeeesy. Although I have always believe this, but I have to admit that at times, it’s quite hard for me not to feel upset and down whenever bad things happen. After all, saya hanyalah manusia biasa (typical answer :P)

Every experience in our life, was designed to shape us into the ultimate and greater version of ourselves. But we don’t always have that wisdom and enough patience to see this sooner. We mostly focus on the pain and disappointment instead.

“What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger.

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Wordless Wednesday #1

I was sitting at Mr Pizza in Hongdae having late lunch, when I captured this photo. Just wondering, what’s your interpretation when you see this photo? :)

p/s: Oh yesh, this is my debut post for the “Wordless-Wednesday”-ish entries.

Getting Old…?

How do you know that you are on the track of getting “old”? Well, perhaps when…

  • You need to sleep more, until afternoon, after a night out.
  • Almost all of your friends are getting married.
  • You spend less and less time talking on phone with your friends daily.
  • You meet your friends from time to time, talking about the good old days, repeating again and again all funny stories you experienced together.
  • You appreciate and listen more of the songs from your teenage years.

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The Racist Taxi Driver

I remember there was one time that I took a taxi to go to Pavillion. And on my way, a lorry tried to come out from a junction without stopping, or even looking first. Ikut undang-undang jalan raya pun, memang pemandu lori tu salah… (Markah exam undang-undang jalan raya I boleh tahan tinggi jugak okkay, hehehe)

But what scared me more was the taxi driver’s response over that situation. He was totally really really angry with the lorry driver. I mean really really angry. He showed the lorry driver his fist and a rude sign saying something like “Watch out you bastard” (lol). I mean, yea, If I’m the taxi driver, I would get angry too. But I personally think he’s just being wayyy overreacted.

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