I Have the Face of a Bitch, Resting

…not in peace I hope. OK lame bye. Anywayyy, I do get this comment (a lot) when people see me;

“You look so serious/stressed”

I hate to break it up to you, but, it’s actually just my face & how I look like, neutrally!! Tsk.

And then recently my colleague reminded me of this term, which in fact totally suits me: Resting bitch face.

Sadly, but true.

Gathering Back My Thoughts. And Stuff.

When I was a teenager, I used to enjoy reading and writing. Though they are mostly craps (and stuff, lol)… but if only I had keep and gathered them carefully, it would’ve been so very interesting to read back all those information, memories and thoughts back, again… :)

So, now, I plan to re-start again. Hopefully this blog will stay in tact for as long as I live (woah) ^^

Worse Than Cramps

Guess what’s worse than having cramps during marathon?

Oh yes, the need to hold your urge to cherry-berry in your pants 🙄


Marking this date as hari pertama mula tumbuh uban! D:

P/S: Semalam dan pagi tadi macam tak ada. Tiba2 malam ni bila basuh muka……. *gasp*

Best Being Single vs Best Being Parent

As I was scrolling my FB timeline to find something interesting to read, (I have very less interest to read on other people’s personal updates, hence sorry to say that I have unfollowed many of my FB friends’ timeline post), “thanks” to the latest FB ios app feature, that somehow let you see the latest comment of a post, and I came across this little comment that went ~ “Best kan jadi mummy and daddy.. bla bla bla…”

That darker side of me, got me wondering, as I am single, being single ni, tak best ke? Untuk couples yang belum ada rezeki nak dapat anak lagi tu, tak best ke? Siapa yang bagi and tentukan criteria-criteria best, or tak best-nya tahap hidup seseorang tu?

Then, it got me thinking a little bit more. Since I am single, for sure lah I would bagi point betapa bestnya jadi single. Contohnya, I can travel around the world more and freely as I have less commitment and responsibility.

And untuk parents pulak would do the same ~ give out point-point yang best after married and have kids. Tu belum termasuk hujah-hujah tentang life and iman kita ni still incomplete selagi kita belum berkahwin bla bla bla…

But pernah terfikir tak, layakkah kita nak decide which one yang paling best? Since bukannya kita dapat experience and live both situations and condition at the exact same time!

So I sincerely think, untuk both situation, or any other situation pun, it’s all about being thankful with what you have, live it, and be happy while living it!

Please don’t easily judge or look down on others just because “you think you are living a better life”. Cause all of us are living a complete different lives! Cheers!