The title is supposed to be a wordplay – from korean word 벌써 (beol-sseo) which means ‘already’. So, bold + beol-sseo = bold already? Get it? No? Erm.. :P

I think many of us are facing this problem – hair falls. If it’s caused by genetic factor, I guess we can’t really help it much then. If not, then it’s a good idea to check back our eating habits.

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I Have the Face of a Bitch, Resting

…not in peace I hope. OK lame bye. Anywayyy, I do get this comment (a lot) when people see me;

“You look so serious/stressed”

I hate to break it up to you, but, it’s actually just my face & how I look like, neutrally!! Tsk.

And then recently my colleague reminded me of this term, which in fact totally suits me: Resting bitch face.

Sadly, but true.

Gathering Back My Thoughts. And Stuff.

When I was a teenager, I used to enjoy reading and writing. Though they are mostly craps (and stuff, lol)… but if only I had keep and gathered them carefully, it would’ve been so very interesting to read back all those information, memories and thoughts back, again… :)

So, now, I plan to re-start again. Hopefully this blog will stay in tact for as long as I live (woah) ^^

Worse Than Cramps

Guess what’s worse than having cramps during marathon?

Oh yes, the need to hold your urge to cherry-berry in your pants 🙄


Marking this date as hari pertama mula tumbuh uban! D:

P/S: Semalam dan pagi tadi macam tak ada. Tiba2 malam ni bila basuh muka……. *gasp*