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First Visit to Tous les Jours

After seeing many of my friends went to this place, I wonder what is the fuss is all about. And since I’m a bread and coffee lover (or should I say cozy-kind-of-cafe lover), I really feel like going too (pengaruh rakan se-sns?)

And after reading some blogs (wanting to know where is the nearest outlet I can find), then I got to know this cafe is origionally from South Korea. Then it hits me “Ohhhhh no wonderrrr” lol

So far I know there are 2 outlets in KL – Bangsar and Bukit Bintang :)

Managed to go there with my friend today~

Had TJ breakfast meal for my dinner, lol

Together with my all-time-fav drink ~> Iced Cafe Latte!

This cafe certainly brought back the cozy n nice feeling like when I was in cafes in Korea~ if only an outlet is available somewhere nearer my place, I’m sure you can see me hang out there quite often!!

My Home-made Ddeokbokki

I tried making one about 2 weeks ago, it wasn’t so bad actually. Except that I didn’t have much additional ingredients other than the rice cakes, fish cakes and spring onions :p

So today, I added even moreeee things inside my ddeokbokki ^0^

I read and saw several recipes of this menu, and they varies. I’d say just cook the way you want it. And here are the ingredients I used to cook this time. Hihi.

– 2 tblsp chili paste (gochujang)
– 1 tblsp sugar
– 1 tblsp chili powder
– 11 x rice cakes (or as little or as much as you want haha)
– 2 x fish cakes
– 5 x fish balls
– 1 x tofu
– 1 x hard boiled egg
– spring onions
– cabbage, kai choy (or carrot, or any veggies you like~)