New Aladdin movie

I looooove the new movie #Aladdin so much! Went to watch it earlier this afternoon, redeeming my free tix from TGV movie club’s birthday reward :D

I kind of surprised myself that I was able to sing along to most of the songs. Then I remembered I used to love the OST so much when I was little!

I prefer this movie‚Äôs version of Princess Jasmine more? She’s a much more strong, has a better purpose and an ambitious lady, which is like… hell yeah! You go gurl!

We can see Disney has been gradually “evolving” their princesses and female characters, which is truly a remarkable thing! And anywayyy… No one can play the Genie’s character better than Will Smith of course yo! Just sayinnn :D

The image on the left is the emote that will appear when you tweet the #Aladdin hashtag on twitter. So cutttteeee! I’m currently listening to the new OST on Spotify. Here’s the link to it. Enjoy!!

Westlife is coming to Malaysia!

Eeeee! I can’t wait!! I last saw them in Bukit Jalil in 2002! Like whut!! That’s 17 years ago, omg I feel old and ancient lol. What’s amazing is.. 1) Westlife will doing 2-day shows in Malaysia, 2) it’s not gonna be at that pety Stadium Negara, haha.

They were my teenage crush back then, and oh my oh my, Nicky is still looking as foine as ever. They really bring back all the great memories I had back then. Can’t wait for the seating and ticketing info to be out this Friday (5th April)!

So… Anyone else going too?

Faraa Lip Butter

Hi girls, saya nak introduce lip butter yang awesome ni.. 4 in 1. Boleh digunakan sebagai primer, lip balm, treatment & even lipstick harian. Memang berbaloi kan?

Faraa Antioxidant Lip Butter ni boleh bantu;
👄 Hilangkan bibir hitam,
👄 Rawat bibir yg kering & menggelupas,
👄 Lembapkan bibir & menghasilkan warna natural.

Tak perlu risau tentang chemical content, sebab lip butter ni made from natural ingredients

Caramel Mint & Orchid Vanilla ready stock 💕 setiap 1 berharga RM55 + 1 FREE gift 🎁 Anyone nak pre-order Cherry Velvet siap2 pun boleh 🍒

So, sesiapa berminat yg berada sekitar area Wangsa Maju & Sri Rampai, saya boleh FREE COD anytime during weekends insyaAllah ☺️ Nak FREE postage? Beli through Shopee shop saya untuk dapatkan free postage!

Apa2 boleh contact atau klik link di profile IG shop saya @meteora.kiss utk terus whatsapp saya tanpa perlu save number saya ye ^^

New Year, New Beginning

More on career side actually. Cause on personal side, I can just go “mehhh”. Anyway the thing was, I found myself being more and more demotivated working for the past few months, especially starting on the 2nd half of the year. And it got even worse on the 4th quarter last year.

I think one of the reason was, the things I’ve been working have gotten more and more boring. Maybe I got too accustomed at them? Maybe there were too much functionalities rather than technicalities that made me spewed on many occasions? lol.

Realising I don’t wanna die to soon caused by this kind of frustration, I talked to my manager, asking if there was any opportunity for me to work on something different… technically. Cut the story short, after few weeks of waiting, there was finally an opportunity!

Effective 2nd January, I got to be transfered to a new team that works on something really different than most of the teams in that company… different than what I was working on for the past 6 years there… which is like a blessing from up above… yehuuu.

So it’s been almost a week since I started working in the new team, and I’m totally loving it! I have to learn lots and lots and lots and lots of new things to learn but I couldn’t be happierrr! I’m always looking forward to come to work nowadays, cause all these new challenges totally excite me :)

I hope things will go smoothly for me this year. Since it has been a total bleurgh and mehhh on my personal side, I hope my career side can bloom, even for a little, to compensate that. InsyaAllah. Pray for me too please ^^;

Time Flies

Man… it’s already the last day of the second last month of the year. And to be honest, I think I achieved NOTHING this year. Been wasting it like nobody’s business urgh. And ohhh… I’ve been wanting to share my weird + fun experience I had for the KBEE event I went early this month, but my slow laptop has been stopping me to do so. It will take foreverrrr to load so I always don’t feel like being online through my laptop when I’m at home. Updating through phone is not that convenient. So.. there goes the delay! \o/ I will try to do it soon before I forget everything though ^^;

p/s: Hmm.. why do I always feel it’s been ages or forever ago when it comes to my encounter with Junho? sobs…